How To Increase Bench Press by 50 Pounds In 10 Weeks

By | May 18, 2017

The most raised question in the Gym is “What do you bench?” This frequently asked question has its sides. This question can give you an opportunity to show off your upper body strength or it can make you embarrassed in front increase bench pressof other fellow benching guys.

So, to save you the embarrassment here are some tips on how to increase bench press by 50 pounds in 10 weeks. These methods are specifically designed to increase bench press comprehensively on every side of your chest.

What Muscles Are Activated During The Bench Pressing?

  1. Pectoralis major (chest muscle)
  2. Deltoid muscle(common shoulder muscle)
  3. Serratus anterior muscle(rib muscle)
  4. Coracobrachialis muscles (biceps and triceps)
  5. Trapezius muscle ( muscle that extends horizontally from occipital bone to thoracic vertebrae and horizontally to the spines in scapula)

Now, let’s move onto the steps that you can improve to increase bench press effectively and efficiently.

Frequency is the key

The more you bench press, the more you will see the impacts in the pectoral muscles. You will find the tension in the upper body strength while bench pressing. Many people include one bench press a week in their schedule which is a total waste of your workout process in increasing your max.

If you want to increase bench press max then bench pressing at least four days a week is a must. I know it sounds too much of tension in the pectoral muscles of your body, but this will help you to break through the plateau phase that you are currently in.

 Have A Mentality Of An Athlete Rather Than A Mentality Of A Bodybuilder!increase the bench press

You should have a mentality of an athlete. Like an athlete who focuses more on the skill, increasing bench press also needs proper skills. Without skill, the strength is useless while increasing the max bench press.

Thinking how to increase the skills for bench press?

Well here are some workout skills that one needs to master to increase the bench press numbers.

Using of med balls

Use med balls for at least three reps followed by plyo push ups for at least four sets. Also, make sure you use same movement pattern while doing these sets. This will help you in getting the more powerful contraction.

Breaking the Plateau

To break the plateau, you will have to focus more on strengthening your Delts, Chest and Upper Backs.
Use of dumbbell bench press is an important set which you can do to strengthen the muscles.

Another important set you can do to increase bench press is by doing baseball pin press. This set will pin the weight to your chest and helps to keep base form while bench pressing.

Also, the T-Bar row exercise contributes to stimulate the back muscle for better stabilization when heading towards a heavyweight.

For front Dells, the DB Iso-military press can increase and ease the movements while bench pressing.

Use of Dumbbell Floor Press.

DB Floor Press

Floor Dumbbell Double Tricep Extension By Bobby Bluford

This is usually done for strengthening the triceps. Doing TATE press and following up with simple dumbbell workout can help to increase the number of reps required to increase the bench press. Closed grouped dumbbell press is also another important mentioning for increasing repetition in bench pressing.

And the most valuable tip of all is to do pull ups. Most of the bodybuilders like to avoid pull ups saying it doesn’t involve weight, but the truth is that pull ups do consist weight (Your body is a massive weight for high rep pull ups).

Word Of Caution: Do Not Go Heavy

Do not try to go more than ninety percent of your one rep max for more than two weeks in a row. Otherwise, it creates tension in the pectoral muscles, and you will notice the diminishing return on your bench press

Control your repetition

Repetition is good to increase bench press, but if done heavily, it can have adverse effects in your muscle and make them lose the strength to bench press. 1-5 rep maxes will be more than enough to increase the bench press. Initially, you can start with five reps and then decrease with one rate each every time you bench press. This will help in healing the damaged muscles in a routine manner.

If these routine elements of workouts are regularly followed, then it will surely help you to increase your bench press to 50 pounds in less than ten weeks and save you from the embarrassment after a couple of weeks.

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