6 Exercises To Increase Bench Press & Prevent Shoulder Pain

By | May 14, 2017

exercises to increase bench pressThe bench press is undeniably the king of upper-body exercises. This type of exercise has for long been dubbed as the most effective exercise among bodybuilders and physical fitness trainers for building up chest muscles. If you are doing this type of exercises to increase bench press, it will mostly help you built your overall strength and muscle.

There are desperately many people out there looking for exercises to increase their bench press, but honestly, only a few exercises are associated to increase bench press. These exercises aim at strengthening the pectorals, triceps, biceps, shoulder muscles and the upper back.

The most powerful way to increase your bench press is to polish up your techniques. The exercises discussed below will help you build muscle and strength in areas of your body that are commonly weak. Besides, by doing the below exercises will help you prevent shoulder injuries, as a result, is constant pressing.

The Following Are Useful Exercises On How To Increase Your Bench Press

Exercise 1: Chest-Supported Row

To perform the bench press more effectively, it’s essential that you build a stronger upper back as it is the foundation with which you press from. Also, given that pulling movements work with back muscles, this exercise will help prevent the structural imbalance that results from excessive pressing which somehow contributes to incorrect posture and increased shoulder injury risk. This type of exercise is recommended as it is easy performed, more efficient and easy to recover from, unlike the bent-over row. Do three to five sets of eight to twelve reps. Rest one minute between sets.

Exercise 2: Chest-Supported Overhand-Grip Reverse Fly

This exercise develops the rear deltoid as it is the center of your upper body. If this part is not well developed, you risk injuring yourself and hampering your performance. To get the best out of this exercise, use an overhand grip on the reverse fly. When performing this exercise, it’s advisable to exert some force between the shoulder blades. Fitness experts recommend that you keep your arms straight as possible, necessitating that you use a light weight.

Chest Supported Overhang workout

How to perform chest supported Overhand-Grip Reverse Fly

  1. Lie down on an incline bench facing downwards.
  2. Grab dumbbells with your arms extended. Ensure your palms are facing each other.
  3. Pull your shoulder blades together.
  4. Pull dumbbells towards the armpits while keeping elbows near the sides.
  5. Slowly extend your arms to lower.
  6. Do three to five sets of eight to twelve reps. Rest one minute between sets.

Exercise 3: Decline Triceps Extension

For a better bench press, you must have properly developed triceps. A majority of bodybuilders miss a rep simply because their triceps are not strong enough to support the bigger and stronger upper body muscles in lifting the weight. Do three to five sets of eight to twelve reps. Rest one minute between sets.

Exercise 4: Bent-Over Row

The bent over row strengthens back muscles. It can be performed with the barbell or dumbbells. When done correctly, the bent over rows will stimulate the latissimus, rear deltoid head, rhomboids, dorsi, trapezius, rear deltoid head, and the arm flexor muscles.

Exercise 5: Pull ups/chin ups

Pull ups/ chin ups are arguably among the best upper body exercises out there. Pull ups help to build upper body muscle mass and strength. Pull ups increase your bench press as they develop and strengthen upper body muscles. They ensure a broader back, broader shoulders, bigger arms, and stronger forearms.

How to perform pull ups

  1. Place your hands a bit wider than the shoulder width and grip the bar with your palms facing away, but for chin ups, the palms should face you.
  2. Pull up until your chin is over the bar
    Lower your arms until they are fully extended
  3. Repeat several times

Exercise 6: Dumbbell Row

The dumbbell row is one of the most effective lat-building exercises that will undoubtedly increase your bench press.

Some of the body parts that need to be worked out thoroughly for an improved bench press include; shoulders, triceps, the back, and biceps.

The best exercises to work the shoulders include; military press, side and forward laterals, neck and partial press.

Military Press workout

Biceps: Dumbbell curls and heavy barbell.

The back: Dumbbell rows, barbell rows, chins, seated cable rows, pulldowns, and shoulder shrugs.

Triceps: Lying Triceps Extensions, Standing Triceps Extensions, Parallel Bar Dips, and pushdowns.

There you have it. Try the exercises as mentioned above and get to increase your bench press today.

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